The sole purpose for this site (couple of pages) is to show the guns I have for sale in the Southwest Times Record of Fort Smith. Prices are fair and firm.

The guns listed here are
for sale to any adult - 21 and over, in the vicinity of Fort Smith, Arkansas who is not a convicted felon, not under a restraining order, or has not been convicted of any crime that would prohibit their gun ownership under law.

All guns currently for sale as of 4/29/2014 are below on this one page. Just scroll down
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Fort Smith, AR
Ruger SR9c .9mm Semi Automatic PIstol
This Ruger SR9c compact semi-auto has been one of my primary concealed carry guns for the past two years. It has performed flawlessly with both factory ammunition and reloads.

The gun has had approximately 400 rounds put through it over a couple of years.

The gun is in near new condition and comes with two magazines (one 10 roung, one 16 round), a couple of small included accessories, the original case, lock and manual.

I am including an excellent Frontline leather inside-the-waistband holster made for the gun. A $65.00 value.

Gun, all accessories, case and holster are  
$400 firm. Call me at 479-651-0503 to set up a time to look at it. No texts please.
Mossberg 500-A 12 Gauge Shotgun
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This Mossberg 500 All Purpose Field pump shotgun sports a 28 inch, ribbed, vented, Accu-Choke barrel with dual bead sights. It has a modified choke and wrench included.

The gun is chambered for 2 3/4' or 3' shells and holds 5 rounds in the mag.

It has only been used as a range gun for skeet shooting. It has never been in the field or been otherwise exposed to moisture or dirt. It is in near mint condition with a blued finish and wood walnut finish stock.

The gun has had roughly 450 - 500 rounds of bird shot put through it over a 6 year period. As you would expect it performs flawlessly.

Overall condition: Excellent

The price of the gun is
$175 Firm. Call me at 479-651-0503 to set up a time to come look at it. No texts please.
Remington 870 Youth Shotgun .20 Gauge
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The designation of this 20 gauge pump shotgun gun as a "Youth" gun is unfortunate. While it will fit smaller frames better; older kids and women, it will fit the shoulder of most full grown men just fine.

It is a firearm that will make an excellent small game hunter or low flying bird gun for any age or size person.

The gun has a 21' barrel with 3 choke tubes and a wrench included. It is chambered for 2 3/4" or 3" shells. It holds 4 in the magazine. 

It has a tough, dark charcoal matte finish with walnut finish wood stock. The barrel is ribbed with a single bead site.

It has been used as a range gun only for skeet shooting and has had less than 200 rounds total of bird shot through it. It performs flawlessly as expected.

Overall conditioin: Excellent. From the appearance, the gun cannot hardly be distinguished from a new one.

The price of the gun is
$225.00 firm. Call me at 479-651-0503 to set up a time to come look at it. No texts please.
All firearms above can be seen and purchased in a designated location in Fort Smith, Arkansas only. No shipping under any conditions.